Lost Mound Birding Tour


Lost Mound Prairie

Take a journey through portions of the Lost Mound Unit, formerly known as the Savanna Army Depot, which is the largest remnant of sand prairie/sand savanna in Illinois. Founded in 1917, the 13,062 acre Depot was used for munitions manufacturing, testing and storage. The depot was officially closed in 2000 and 9,827 acres became the Lost Mound Unit. Lost Mound derives its name from a prominent geologic feature “Lost Mound” located in the adjacent bluff-land.

Illinois has lost 99.9% of its pre-settlement prairie which makes this large expanse of habitat, very important. In 2004, Lost Mound was designated as one of fifty-two Important Bird Areas throughout Illinois by the National Audubon Society. This prairie provides significant habitat for declining grasslands birds, including the upland sandpiper, western meadowlark, loggerhead shrike, grasshopper, henslow, and lark sparrow.

As you travel the roads of Lost Mound you will see a landscape of military relics but look a little closer and you might see a glimpse of a loggerhead shrike, blue grosbeak, or an upland sandpiper. There are very few places that you can hear the calls of the Whip-poor-will.

Tour Schedule

Due to cleanup activities of the Army, we will not be conducting tours at this time.  There may be special dates scheduled.

Times may vary. Please check the calendar of events for specific times.

Cost: FREE

Participants meet at 12:15 at the Lost Mound Unit parking lot located at 3159 Crim Road Savanna, Illinois 61074.

GPS address: N 42 10.906  W 090 15.059

Please bring your camera and binoculars.

Pre-registration is required. To register please Contact Us.