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Pollination Celebration Event – June 20

Pollination Celebration – Saturday, June 20 

All programs will be held at the Ingersoll Wetlands Learning Center located at 7071 Riverview Rd, Thomson, IL.

Schedule of the Day


1:00 p.m.     Strange bee-havior: A look at how agricultural chemicals can affect native bee populations.

                       Dr.  Edwin Burgess—Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL

Come and learn about possible culprits for the decline in both native and reared bee populations. Recent studies suggest that combinations of fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, and pathogen exposure may better explain the dramatic declines in these important members of the ecosystem.

2:00 p.m.    Butterflies in Your Backyard –  Kathleen Ziemer, Butterfliz  of Iowa—Des Moines, IA

What are butterflies? What do they eat? Where do they go with it rains? An introduction to butterflies and their life cycle using pass around specimens of eggs, chrysalis and naturally-expired butterflies. This presentation has up-to-the-minute scientific studies currently underway to find out more about these amazing creatures; as well as many facts and stories about butterflies and what you can expect to find in your backyard. Includes LIVE butterflies!

3:00 p.m.     Attracting Pollinators to the Home Garden –  Elisa Rideout—Morrison, IL

A flower bed, patio or porch can become a sanctuary for butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Find out what plants provide nectar, pollen and even food for larvae.  No matter what style you like to garden you can provide habitat for our pollinators.

4:00 p.m.  Prairie Landscaping for Both Beauty and Benefit

                    Ryan Welch –  Environmental Science Instructor Clinton Community College—Clinton, IA

 Think “Native” when planning your landscaping?  Native prairie plants can attract many of our pollinators such as butterflies and a diversity of birds.  Come and learn what you can do and what you should not do when planting natives in your yard.  Where can you purchase seeds and what to plant?  Did you know: The Tallgrass Prairie once covered 80% of present day Iowa, all we have left is .1%.

8:00 p.m. Pollinators, the Night Shift— Kathleen Ziemer, Butterfliz of Iowa—Des Moines, IA

Grab your flashlight and travel into the night and see various species of night fliers that are active.  We will meet at the Spring Lake Parking Lot which is located  just off Hwy 84, 2 miles south of Savanna.   In case of rain we will meet at the Center.


Upper Mississippi River NWFR  –   Ingersoll Wetlands Learning Center  –   7071 Riverview Rd   Thomson, IL 61285 Telephone—815-273-2732